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We want to thank everyone who attended the premiere GoKash OnSTAGE in residence at The Arden production of "Seventy IV Seconds... to judgment"!!!  Your energy behind, and reception of the show was evident from beginning to end!  It was powerful, it was profound!  We also appreciate the spirit of community and unity that was on full display during each post-show discussion with our audiences.

​We hope that you will join us in the Arden's new Bob and Selma Horan Studio Theatre in April, 2018 as we present our interactive drama "V to X", which zeros in on the topic of for-profit prison, and the humans who are (voluntarily or otherwise) the currency which powers that industry.

​Check back often, as tickets will be on sale soon, offering discounts for early purchase.  Or, please join our mail list below, to be amongst those wo are the first to receive receiving direct invitation and information about all of our upcoming endeavors.

​With warm and heartfelt gratitude,

​Kash Goins
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